Fast granule packaging machine for food industry
Fast granule packaging machine for food industry
Fast granule packaging machine for food industry
Fast granule packaging machine for food industry
DBW-EA series

Item specifics

material hoist
automatic weighing and counting machine (combination scale)
working platform
packaging machine
finished product conveyor



DBW-EA series packaging and checkweighing combined system
System output
Packaging efficiency
30-60 bags/min
+0.5-1.5g (depends on the material)
Packaging capacity
Products detail
1. Applicable to industries that have requirements for weight and number of bags.
2. It is suitable for industries where there are not many bags.
3. Strong material adaptability, suitable for most materials in small bags with small weight difference;
4. Strong compatibility, the packaging machine can be applied to packaging bags of various sizes;
5. High counting accuracy and high counting efficiency;
6. Fully automatic operation, intelligent joint control with upper and lower procedures, no need for special operation, saving labor;
7. With the function of rejecting unqualified (error rejecting);
8. Simple structure, easy to clean and easy to maintain;
9. High performance-price ratio, economical and practical, less equipment investment, and large benefit output.
It is composed of multiple independent weighing units with feeding and discharging structures. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize and calculate the load of the weighing unit, and obtain the best weight combination that is closest to the target weight value for packaging.
Application example
Dry food and processed food
Pet foods, snack foods (potato chips, tortillas, corn flakes, ball snacks, nuts, etc.), cereals and health foods (dried fruits, nuts, oats, etc.), biscuits and breads (desserts, crackers, cereals, snacks, etc.) Other baked goods), sweets (candy, chocolate, etc.), pasta, tea, coffee, etc.
>>Fresh Food and Frozen Food
Salads, fruits and vegetables, meat (jerky, patties, fresh meat), poultry and seafood, cheese and dairy products, ready-to-eat meals, etc.