High speed check weigher with rejector
High speed check weigher with rejector
High speed check weigher with rejector
High speed check weigher with rejector
DCW series

Item specifics

Display scale
Weight checking range
Weight checking accuracy
± 0.1-0.3g
Size of weighing section
L 300mm*W 120mm



High speed check weigher with rejector
Product model
Weighing Control System
On-line weighing control system V1.1.5
Belt speed
Number of items
20-50 items
                                  Roller: Aluminum
                                  Conveyor Belt: White, Food Grade, Polyurethane Thermoplastic (TPU)
                                     Structure: stainless steel 304
Product details
Product adantage
1. Simple and easy to use: This unique and efficient equipment can be used by food manufacturers of any size to improve their production lines and produce high-quality qualified products, which is very competitive in the world. Customized functions for quick detection, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean provide an efficient saving mechanism, which can significantly increase profitability. In order to comply with food production standards and regulations, such as "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" (HACCP), the automatic checkweigher is made of stainless steel and food-grade materials, and its hygienic design makes cleaning easy and fast.

2. Save time and cost: The checkweigher is prefabricated, with standard parts and components hook scale, short delivery period and can be installed after delivery, reducing installation time. In terms of design, it is unique: compact design, small size and small footprint, which avoids the cost and time caused by the reorganization and redesign of the production line required for large-scale systems. The combined system is easy to operate, reducing the training requirements
begging. Both the checkweighing equipment and the metal detector are controlled by a color touch screen, which can easily and quickly access all important controls and read data. It has fast automatic setting and product replacement functions, and also includes a built-in performance verification process, reducing production downtime.
Application example