checkweigher with labeling machine
checkweigher with labeling machine
checkweigher with labeling machine
checkweigher with labeling machine
checkweigher with labeling machine
checkweigher with labeling machine
DCD series

Item specifics

Applicable label length
Applicable label width
Labeling accuracy
Labeling speed (pcs/min)



DCD series checkweigher with labeling machine
Control System
DADI On-line weighing, scanning, printing and labeling, volume measurement control system V1.2.5
Belt speed
Number of items
20-50 items
Scanning mode/Scanning angle
Two-dimensional image format (838*640 pixels) / 42.4 degrees horizontally and 33 degrees vertically
Print mode/print resolution
Thermal transfer printing / 300-600DPI
Labeling method/direction
Acceptance of Instruction Induction Automatic Labeling / ±1mm (related to the positioning accuracy of products)
Labeling speed and accuracy
≤30pcs/min(related to the specifications of printing labels and the time of receiving data) / Horizontal paper delivery
Volumetric measurement range
Accuracy of volume measurement
Products detail
Online weighing and printing labeling machine. It is widely used in the labeling of carton packaging lines in the food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industries to improve labeling efficiency, reduce labor costs, and print label information in real time to prevent human errors. The industry's logistics monitoring applications and product quality traceability QR code label printing provide effective implementation tools. Direct connection type, printing template type, and printing software system type are available in multiple modes, which can be flexibly applied to the production and packaging line, and support standard communication interfaces such as Ethernet, serial and parallel, and can be based on the actual needs of customers and the on-site ERP system interface The situation provides a customized printing software system. The print engine can be selected from a variety of high-end brands such as the United States, Germany, and Japan. The flexible installation method can be designed according to the actual space of the customer. The overall material of the equipment is international standard stainless steel and imported
The combination of checkweigher and coding is especially suitable for meat production enterprises, and the combination of checkweigher and labeling machine is suitable for the production of fast frozen food of sliced meat products. Because the weight of meat products is not unique after cutting, the combination of a printer or labeling machine at the back of the checkweigher can directly print the weight of the product on the product packaging or printed label, which can effectively reduce repetition Operation, saving packaging costs for the company.
In addition to meat products, it can also be used for vegetables and fruits, and other products with different weight specifications