Cheap checkweigher

Cheap checkweigher


The price of the checkweigher will affect the cost of production, and how to choose a cost-effective checkweigher has become an important point.

However, due to the huge output and the high labor intensity, it is inevitable that there will be less or more scallops per box in this link. As a dry product that is not cheap, 
missing product packaging will inevitably lead to customer complaints, and brand reputation will be greatly negatively affected; even if it is installed more, more than a dozen bags per day will cost nearly 1,000 yuan. 
The loss of this company really makes this company a headache.

At first, the company used the platform electronic weighing sampling method for the re-inspection of the weight of the scallops after packing. That is, according to the quality management method, 
a number of boxes of each batch of goods are sampled for weight detection. Missed or over-installed, the entire batch will be re-inspected.

This method not only increases the high labor cost, but also affects the delivery efficiency. With the labor intensity of Tim, the problem of missing and over-packing has not been fundamentally changed,
 and the weight of each box of scallops cannot be guaranteed. Is qualified.

The packaging checkweigher can easily solve the problem
In order to solve the above problems, this company found that we wanted to automate the transformation and solve this problem through automatic weighing technology. Based on demand analysis and on-site inspection,
 Jieman Technology suggested that the manufacturer try an automatic checkweigher to complete the online inspection of product weight. It will detect every product delivered from the production line, and automatically detect and reject unqualified products.

At the same time, the checkweigher uses the automatic counting function to easily and accurately obtain key data such as total output, qualified number, and unqualified number, which is convenient for the factory to conduct data analysis.

Different from manual weight detection, 100% of the weight of the products tested by the automatic checkweigher are qualified products, which fundamentally solves the problem of products with unqualified weights leaving the factory and entering the market.

After the trial, the food company was very satisfied with the results and invested another 5 automatic checkweighers in less than half a year.