Ten advantages of automatic checkweigher

Ten advantages of automatic checkweigher


The automatic checkweigher is a special equipment used by food and pharmaceutical companies for online product weight detection.

In practical applications, the functions and uses of the automatic checkweigher are promising. 
Then, what benefits the automatic checkweigher can bring to manufacturers? Here, we will discuss in detail.

Advantage 1: Automatic checkweigher helps you effectively control costs

Customers often use checkweighers for the purpose of complying with relevant regulations. 
In fact, using checkweighers can effectively reduce waste, improve detection accuracy, and help you improve production line efficiency. 
The investment cost of the automatic checkweigher may be profitable in just a few months, weeks or even days!

Advantage 2: Help you refuse high fines and ensure weight detection

Through the use of online checkweighers, it can ensure that all products comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards. 
As an important part of quality control and process management, 
weight testing can also provide documents and process requirements that meet the strict needs of the market.

Advantage 3: Use automatic checkweigher feedback control to ensure effective filling volume

The feedback control system is used to prevent overweight and underweight products by setting control points in the filling equipment, 
and adjust the filling volume accordingly. The automatic checkweigher can directly control the filling equipment or complete automatic 
feedback control through the existing network system of the factory.

Advantage 4: Save costs and increase product profits

An automatic checkweigher with a good accuracy setting can minimize product weight deviation, 
reduce waste, and ensure that more products can be produced without changing the amount of raw materials used!

Advantage 5: Comprehensively promote process improvement and efficiency

The automatic checkweigher provides real-time monitoring of the product process, including production data statistics and SPC trends, 
which can be used to improve production and production efficiency factors.