Description of main parts of checkweigher

Description of main parts of checkweigher


As an indispensable part, the main accessories of the checkweigher include: computer, signal detection part, signal conditioning circuit, data acquisition card part, control part and actuator.

Description of main parts of checkweigher
The hardware of the checkweigher system mainly includes the following parts: computer, signal detection part, signal conditioning circuit, data acquisition card part, control part and actuator.

  (1) Computer: The center of data acquisition, data management and control decision-making of the entire measurement and control system.
  (2) Signal detection part: mainly refers to two pressure sensors with higher accuracy, they are responsible for real-time conversion of the quality signal of dynamic weighing, and the electrical signal obtained after conversion is transmitted to the data acquisition board part.
  (3) Signal conditioning circuit: Amplify, stimulate, linearize, isolate and filter the signal.
(4) Data acquisition card part: Including the data acquisition card and its supporting equipment, the collected data is converted by A/D, and transmitted to the computer for further analysis and processing; and then the control result output by the computer is converted by D/A, Output to the control part.
  (5) Weighing display controller: The computer processes according to the control setting parameters, obtains the control result through a certain control algorithm, and transmits the control result to the actuator. Weighing display control instrument can display gross weight, net weight, last weighed value, the difference between the last weighed value and the set nominal value. It can also display the total number of weighed pieces, the number of underweight pieces, the number of overweight pieces, and the number of qualified products. The display controller can also send a variety of statistical information, and can connect useful information to the management computer through the communication interface or print out reports through a printer.
      (6) Execution rejection device: According to the packaging form and characteristics of the inspected items, the rejection device can be divided into multiple methods such as pushing out, tipping and falling, and handling. The actuator performs corresponding actions according to the control results, and timely removes the quality that does not meet the standard. Packaging products.

  Checkweigher is mainly used for automatic weight detection, online and offline discrimination or weight classification selection on the assembly line. It is widely used in online high-speed packaging checkweighing applications in the pharmaceutical, food, health care, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries.