How to choose a packaging machine?

How to choose a packaging machine?


Choosing a suitable checkweigher rejection method can improve the utilization efficiency of the product and protect the product.

The checkweigher has now become the main weighing instrument for rejecting unqualified products on the assembly line, so what are the ways to reject the checkweigher? As a company that has been producing checkweighers for many years, we still know a lot about checkweighers. For different products, the checkweigher needs to be eliminated in different ways. Here is an introduction to the elimination methods of the checkweigher.

1. Air-blowing rejection checkweigher: Compared with other rejection methods, the speed is very fast, and it is suitable for lighter products or fragile products, such as medical gauze, boxed medicines, etc.

Second, the lever-type rejection checkweigher: the second in speed, the advantage is that products are rejected on both sides, generally used in the aquatic product industry, such as abalone and sea cucumber sorting.

3. Push rod type rejecting checkweigher: medium speed, rejecting, suitable for rejecting products with moderate weight such as missing bottles and missing parts in the packing box, such as boxed beer and beverage weighing and sorting.

4. Flip-type reject checkweigher: medium speed, generally suitable for products in the fruit and vegetable industry, such as single vegetables and single fruits for online weighing and sorting.

5. Dropping checkweigher: high speed, generally suitable for washing, daily chemical products, etc.

The above is the checkweigher rejection method summarized by our company for everyone, and the characteristics of these 5 rejection methods. If you want to know more about the checkweigher, you can. Thank you for your great support.