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What is the composition and classification of packaging machines

Packaging machine manufacturer In order to facilitate the analysis and understanding of the working principle and structural characteristics of the packaging machine, we decompose the three major components of the packaging machine into eight aspects according to their work functions, and call them the eight elements of the packaging machine.    (I) A quantitative feeding device for packaged items. This is a device for sorting, measuring, arranging and transporting the packaged items to a predetermined station.    (2) Arrangement and feeding device of packaging materials. This is a device that quantitatively cuts or arranges packaging materials or packaging containers and transports them to a predetermined station. Some bag packaging machines also complete the bag making work during the supply process.    (3) Main conveying device. This is a device that sequentially conveys packaged articles and packaging materials from one packaging station to the next packaging station. The single-station packaging machine can omit this device.    (4) Packaging execution device. This refers to a device that directly performs packaging operations such as wrapping, filling, sealing, labeling, and binding. (5) Finished product output device. This is a device that unloads the packaged product from the packaging execution device and sends it away from the packaging machine.    (6) Power machine and transmission device. The power machine is generally an electric motor. The transmission device includes a speed reducer, power and motion transmission and conversion mechanism, which can be selected in various forms such as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic, optical, etc., so that each part of the packaging machine can operate according to the specified actions.    (7) Control device. Including packaging speed, pressure, temperature, action time indication and control devices, packaging quantitative and quality monitoring and control devices and various automatic protection devices of the machine.    (8) Body. It is used to support and fix related parts to maintain their specified working positions, and to protect the machine to a certain extent. Its structure should be easy to operate and maintain, and its appearance should be as beautiful as possible. The following figure is a block diagram of the packaging machine composition, which shows the relationship between the eight elements of the packaging machine. The double-line arrow in the figure represents the packaging material and the main conveying system of the packaging material, the single solid line arrow represents the transmission relationship, and the dashed arrow represents Control relationship. Second, the classification of packaging machines Packaging machines can be broadly divided into two categories: ① machines used to process packaging materials and packaging containers; ② machines used to complete the packaging process. The discussion here is limited to the latter, that is, the machine that completes the packaging process and is called the packaging machine. The definition of a packaging machine in the national standard "GB4122-83 Packaging General Terminology" is: "A machine that completes all or part of the packaging process. The packaging process includes the main packaging processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as the related front and back processes. , Such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. In addition, it also includes ancillary equipment such as stamping and metering." According to this, packaging machines can be divided into eight categories; ① wrapping machine, ② filling machine, ③ sealing machine, ④ labeling machine, ⑥ multi-function packaging machine, ⑥ cleaning, drying, sterilization machine, ⑦ container loading machine, ⑧ packaging auxiliary machinery and equipment.    1. Wrapping machine    A machine that wraps products with flexible packaging materials is called a wrapper. According to different wrapping methods, it can be divided into: ① folding wrapping machine, ② twist wrapping machine, ③ seam wrapping machine, ④ covering wrapping machine, ⑥ winding wrapping machine, ⑥ stretching wrapping machine, ⑦ skinny wrapping machine Wrapping machine, ⑧ shrinking wrapping machine, etc. Figure 1-7 shows the schematic diagram of the wrapping method of the wrapping machine.    2. Filling machine    The machine that quantitatively fills the packaging materials into the packaging container is called the filling grill. According to the quantitative and different filling methods, it can be divided into ① volumetric filling machine, ② weighing filling machine, ③ counting type filling machine, ④ filling machine, ⑤ gravity filling, ⑥ push-in filling machine, ⑦ pick-and-place filling machine Wait.    3. Sealing machine    The machine that closes the opening of the packaging container is called a sealing machine. According to the different sealing methods, it can be divided into: ①Hot pressure type sealing machine, ②Fusion welding type sealing machine, ③Embossing type sealing machine, ④Folding silkworm type sealing machine, ⑤Twisting type sealing machine, ⑥Rolling sealing type Crimping type sealing machine, ⑧ gland type sealing machine, ⑨ rotary type sealing machine, ⑩ ligation type sealing machine, tape type sealing machine, suture type sealing machine, etc.    4. Labeling machine    The machine that attaches or inserts labels on the product is called the labeling machine. According to the different ways of fixing the label, it can be divided into: ① labeling machine, ② shrink labeling machine, ③ hanging labeling machine, ④ staple labeling machine, ⑤ inserting labeling machine, etc. .5. Multifunctional packaging machine    A machine that can complete more than two packaging processes is called a multi-functional packaging machine. It is generally named after the packaging process that it can complete. Mainly include: ①Filling-sealing machine. ②Forming-filling-sealing machine (forming packaging materials), ③setting-filling-sealing machine (setting prefabricated packaging containers), ④vacuum packaging machine (filling-vacuum sealing), ⑤inflating packaging machine (filling-inflating) One mouth), ⑧wrap labeling machine, etc.6. Cleaning, sterilization, and drying machine    Machines that clean, sterilize, and dry the packaging container before packaging or after packaging are called washing machines, sterilization machines, and drying machines. For example, the bottle washer, male washing machine, and spray sterilization commonly used in the light industry Machines, Yanqi sterilizers, ultraviolet sterilizers, hot air dryers, infrared dryers, etc. belong to this category of machinery. If the machine has multiple functions, it can be combined with its functions, such as cleaning a dry operation machine, killing a sound Thousand operation machine, cleaning ~ sterilization and drying machine, etc.  7. Container loading machine    The machine in which a unit package is assembled and packaged is called a container. It can be named according to its container method, such as: ① strapping machine, ② binding machine, ⑧ compression packing machine, ④ cartoning machine, etc. 8. Packaging auxiliary machinery and equipment    Any mechanical equipment that cannot be included in the above 7 items, but it is also the mechanical equipment that must be used to complete the packaging process, can be referred to as packaging auxiliary mechanical equipment, such as conveying devices, stacking tables, meters, opening machines, and coating machines. Glue, printer, inspection machine, etc. The classification of packaging machines, in addition to the above-mentioned classification based on the packaging function of the machine, can sometimes be further classified according to the degree of automation or the scope of application. For example, manual supply of packaging materials or removal of packaging products, but can automatically complete other packaging operations The machine can be called a semi-automatic packaging machine; a machine that all automatically completes the feeding, packaging and output of finished products is called an automatic packaging machine. A packaging machine that can only pack products of a certain shape, specification, and size is called a special packaging machine: a packaging machine that can pack more than two different shapes, specifications, and sizes is called a multi-purpose packaging machine; it can pack any shape, within a certain range, Specifications and size products are called universal packaging machines.

How about the mechanization and automation of packaging?

Packaging Machine Manufacturer The modern production of product packaging does not even meet the mechanization of stand-alone operation and the packaging machine that can only adapt to a single packaging variety and specification. Mass continuous production requires packaging operations to become an automatic packaging production line that combines a series of automatic packaging machines, linkages, conveyors, automatic storage devices, and automatic detection devices. For example, products often change packaging varieties to meet market needs. In addition to the specifications, the packaging machine is also required to have the function of adapting to the packaging of new varieties and specifications with a slight adjustment. This is the so-called multi-purpose packaging machine.     Automatic packaging machines should generally have the following functions: ①Automatic supply and automatic measurement of packaging materials; ②Automatic supply of packaging materials or packaging containers; ③Quantitative automatic filling or filling of packaging materials; ④Sealing, labeling and marking of packaging . In addition to automatic packaging machines with certain specifications, models and quantities according to production needs, the automatic packaging production line also needs to be equipped with the following auxiliary devices: ① storage and conveying devices for packaging materials; ② storage, processing, cleaning and conveying of packaging materials or packaging containers Device: ③Automatic side inspection of packaged products and automatic rejection device of unqualified products; ④Container and storage device of packaged products. In recent years, the popular domestic and foreign beverage carton flexible packaging. Figure 1 shows the "Tetra Pak" brick-type composite film carton beverage aseptic packaging machine imported from Sweden. This machine integrates box making, printing, sterilization and sterilization. , Filling, sealing, folding forming and other functions, the degree of automation is quite high, the packaging capacity of each box is 25omL, and the productivity is 450. Boxes/hour can be used for packaging fresh milk, juice, and other non-gas beverages. Because of its The sterilization conditions are good, so the product storage period is up to half a year and does not need to be refrigerated. The process principle diagram of this carton beverage aseptic packaging machine.    The use of modern packaging machinery and packaging production lines composed of them will play an important role in the production, sales and economic benefits of the enterprise: ①Reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working conditions, thereby increasing output, increasing labor productivity and economic benefits of the enterprise ②Improve the quality of product packaging, reduce all kinds of pollution, can change the variety of packaging designs in time, increase the market competitiveness of products, and be more conducive to exporting foreign exchange. ⑧Reduce the loss of packaging materials and the loss of packaging materials to reduce costs.    Of course, with the use of mechanized packaging, equipment investment costs and energy costs have increased, and the quality requirements of packaging materials have also been higher, but its production capacity will be several times or even dozens of times higher than that of manual packaging, and its packaging quality is even more non-manual. Packaging can be compared. It is not difficult to understand that the increase in the cost of a one-time investment by a company will inevitably be compensated for in the future long-term economic benefit of production.

What are the basic conditions for enterprises to introduce packaging machines?

Packaging machine manufacturer When adding an air conditioning device to make the indoor temperature meet the requirements, it is of course necessary to pay attention to the performance and form of the equipment itself; however, this alone cannot guarantee its full effect. It must be based on the room size, heat insulation effect, and ventilation. , Outdoor temperature conditions, temperature control, and the treatment of condensed water from the assembly line pipelines, etc. This set of system design. The packaging machine has more complicated factors than the air conditioner, and it is a machine used under more complicated conditions. Now let's talk about the basic conditions for enterprises to introduce packaging machines according to the basic requirements of system design.  1. The basic conditions for the introduction of packaging machineryWhen a company introduces a packaging machine, the first thing to consider is to correctly determine the purpose of use and understand the object of its operation. No matter what you do, there is a certain purpose. The direct goals pursued by setting up a production system are varied. For example, it can be to increase output, reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce the scrap rate, and improve the accuracy of the product, or it can be to maintain the same speed of the production process before and after, to ensure safe operation, and so on. Of course, if a production system can meet the above requirements at the same time, it is ideal. However, some requirements are often not compatible in a production line. For example, the main purpose of introducing a certain production system is to increase output and product quality, and packaging machinery that can adapt to the above purposes should be selected. If we do not proceed from the actual situation of our unit and introduce equipment aimlessly, we will not be able to give full play to the role of the production system.Second, the main purpose of the company's introduction of packaging machines After determining the main purpose of the company's introduction of packaging machines, another question that cannot be ignored is to understand the objects of its operations. The objects mentioned here include: the materials used in the production system, production methods, characteristics and other conditions. This includes not only the packaged articles and packaging materials as packaging objects, but not only their own physical factors; but also their movement within the factory and in the circulation process, such as packaging methods, operating methods and conditions, and Changes due to changes in time, etc. Recently, people have realized more clearly that the physical properties of the packaged goods and packaging materials and the accuracy of their specifications have a great impact on the operation of the machine, which is the so-called problem of the adaptability of the machine. Adaptability is something that is in motion, but what it shows is a measure of static. People often have certain shortcomings in mastering the relationship between the two. Therefore, it is very necessary for packaging machinery manufacturers, users and packaging material manufacturers to cooperate with each other to conduct research together to understand the characteristics of products in the production and circulation process, and to understand the operating objects of the production system. 3. Determine the performance and structure of the imported packaging machineAfter correctly determining the purpose of the company's introduction of the packaging machine and fully understanding its operating objects, the necessary functions of the production system and the corresponding structure can be specified. Designing a new device should follow the above sequence as expected. However, machine manufacturers often produce standard prototypes for users to choose due to time and cost. Although machine builders try their best to produce prototypes with a wide range of applications, for users, how to choose a machine that suits their needs is a key issue. Fourth, the adaptability of the packaging machineIn some countries, on the one hand, high-speed packaging machines are required. On the other hand, due to the large number of medium-scale production plants, they require more machines to produce one machine with multiple functions. Furthermore, because the expected life of packaging machinery is longer than the depreciation period of the equipment Shorter, so users also want a machine with multi-purpose performance. Related to this is that machine manufacturers supply users with similar machines, but users use such machines as specialized machines. Under this circumstance, the machine manufacturer tries to supply common basic components to meet the needs of users within the specified allowable range. Single-purpose machinery has high efficiency, simple structure and fast speed. The machine manufacturer should try to provide users with more single-purpose machinery. Users can form a production line according to the performance of various stand-alone machines. Automated machinery production refers to a complete set of automated production lines composed of raw material supply, processing, discharge, handling, transmission, control, etc., and packaging automated machinery production should be no exception.Five, costWhen considering the cost of mechanized production, a comparison must be made between profit and investment. In the total cost, the vast majority is the cost of machinery and equipment, but also includes labor costs such as employee wages, production costs, machine maintenance costs, depreciation costs and other expenses. The actual cost of the entire production system should be comprehensively studied, and should not be limited to a certain aspect. From the perspective of machine builders, they should provide users with cheap machines with good mechanical properties. Let me talk about one or two issues related to the cost of machinery. The following situations should be considered: First, if ten machines are manufactured at the same time under the same conditions, the cost of each machine is usually 40% to 1/3 of that of the single machine. . Secondly, some processes with short work cycles and many repetitions, such as manual operation, will reduce the cost of machinery. In this case, appropriate manual operations should be added to the production system to save costs. 6. Reliability    Now, the era of semi-mechanization has passed, and most of them have adopted fully automatic mechanical operations. The reliability of machinery has become an important issue in the production system. It should be considered: high-speed mechanized production, if a one-percent error occurs, or if the machine is shut down for one minute for some reason, how much loss will be caused; How much impact will the process have; and the impact of the failure of high-precision control devices on the product, and so on. Considering these issues, the importance of mechanical reliability is very obvious.    In order to strengthen the reliability of the machine, the packaging machinery manufacturer adopts additional inspection devices, emergency shutdown and waste removal devices on the machine, and its effect is obvious. However, what is fundamental is the precision of the machine itself. When designing and manufacturing machinery, machinery manufacturers should study and manufacture machinery that does not violate mechanical principles based on mechanical principles. Another aspect of maintaining mechanical reliability is to adhere to pre-specified operating procedures during use. It is hoped that users can master the correct usage method and carry out maintenance in a timely manner.

What is the packaging machine standard?

Packing machine The packaging standard machine is to achieve the effect of product packaging. Based on the science and technology and practical experience of the packaging machine, as well as the form and performance of the product, after full consultation and approval procedures of the relevant departments, the selection of the packaging machine’s material, structure, size, technology, and Packaging technology methods, etc., and issued uniform regulations. The definition of the packaging machine standard, which summarizes the basic starting point, objective basis, object and role of the difficulty in formulating packaging machine standards, the essential characteristics of the packaging machine, and the issuing procedure. Once the packaging machine standard is officially issued, it is authoritative and legal, and becomes a kind of regulation. The difficulty of packaging machine standards refers to the whole process of formulating, implementing and modifying packaging machine standards as the main content. This process is not static, but an activity process, a process of continuous development and change, that is, a process of continuous circulation and spiraling movement. This is because with the development of production and the progress of science and technology, every time a cycle is completed, the difficulty of the packaging machine will inevitably increase by one step. Standardization of the packaging machine means that the packaging machine achieves finalization, standardization and serialization. For the packaging of similar or similar products, the requirements of packaging machine standardization can be summarized as "seven unifications: unified packaging machine material, unified modeling structure, unified specification and size, unified packaging technology, unified packaging method, unified packaging method, and unified bundling. Methods, etc. These requirements are also an important part of the standardization of packaging machines.The development of packaging machine standards is the main purpose of packaging machine standards. The implementation of packaging machine standards is the key to the process of packaging machine standards. Revising the packaging machine standards is to further improve the packaging machine standards. Packaging labeling machine and packaging machine standardization are two different concepts closely related. Their relationship is:First-', the packaging machine standard is a direct result of the difficult activities of the packaging machine standard. The purpose and function of packaging machine standardization must be reflected through the formulation of specific packaging machine standards. The formulation and revision of packaging machine standards is the basic task of packaging machine standardization.Second, the effect of difficult packaging machine standards should be reflected through the implementation of packaging machine standards. If the established packaging machine standards are not implemented in the production, circulation and consumption process, the packaging machine standards have no meaning. Therefore, the implementation of packaging machine standards is a key link.Third, the packaging machine standard is stable in a period of time, while the packaging machine standardization is only a relative concept. There is no end to the standardization of packaging machines. With the modernization of production and circulation, packaging machines will continue to be updated and changed, and new packaging machine standards need to be revised or re-established. As long as the packaging machine standard, the purpose of packaging machine standardization has not been fully realized, this standard must be implemented.

Do you know the history of the world's packaging industry?

Packing machine With a product, there is a packaging, and there is a package. In different historical periods and social environments, people's understanding of packaging, the status and role of packaging in people's lives and commodity economies is different. It has been roughly experiencing three development phases until the packaging is now. In the development of packaging, the packaging machine has played a lot. (1) Original packagingIt mainly refers to the original society, for the development of productivity, has raised the surplus of agriculture, animal husbandry, and soil. The remaining living materials need to be distributed, stored, and transported, and it began to use the packaging materials provided by nature, such as leaves, lotus leaves, bamboo skin, Fujika, animali, shell, etc., basket, sac, bamboo slip, etc. , Storage, and transport containers. In addition, the discovery and use of I-fire, MF has been muddy bowl and clay pot, and the like. (2) Traditional packagingIt mainly refers to the feudal society, that is, all kinds of packaging in the end of the original society to the initial period of capitalism. This stage has begun to have a bronze, iron, paper industry, printing industry, ceramic, glass and other packaging materials such as iron, ceramics, glass bottles, bags, bamboo baskets, etc. have great development. Many packaging have been used in today. (3) Modern packagingAfter the 16th century and the 18th century, the asset-based industry revolution was started. With the development of industrial and science and technology, the packaging continues to develop forward.  Before and after the Second World War, the military industry promoted the development of the packaging industry, and four basic packaging materials such as mechanism paper, polyethylene, aluminum foil, and glass paper. The package is developed by the original protected goods, developing into publicity and beautifying goods and promotion. By the 1950s, due to the third technology revolution, modern packaging has a new development. Especially the development of plastics and their composites. The application of various packaging new technologies, widely use electronic technology, laser technology, precision instruments, packaging machinery, to make the package of all loops to automation, electronic, and form a complete packaging industrial system for production, circulation and consumption. . The packaging output value of each capitalist country accounts for 2% of the total national economic output, and the packaging industry is in the United States, and Japan has become an important industry.

The situation of packaging machines in the Chinese market

Packing machine With the development of society and economy, China's consumption of goods has increased, which has promoted the growth of demand for packaging machines. With the increase in demand for packaging machines, domestic packaging machine manufacturers have sprung up. Although the overall demand for packaging machines has increased, the sales of many companies have declined year by year due to the large number of companies, which fully demonstrates the fierce competition for packaging machines in China.In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and economy, packaging machinery has always encountered some problems. Scientific development and technological progress have affected the packaging machine market. If packaging machinery is to develop rapidly, it must break the traditional Development model, master core technology, increase technological innovation, grasp the lifeline of packaging machinery development, and achieve a comprehensive breakthrough in packaging machinery. The fast-growing industry should be regarded as the food industry. The current food and beverage industry and the puffed food packaging machine industry are the rapid development of packaging machinery, especially the current domestic strengthened supervision of the food industry and other factors have prompted the food industry to increase Outdated packaging machinery products, packaging machinery will usher in a new wave of updates.In recent years, China's packaging machinery has been constantly innovating, and there has been continuous improvement in automation control and product quality. Today’s packaging machinery has steadily occupied the domestic packaging industry market. Going out of the country, according to market demand, continuous research and development and development have created a variety of packaging machinery and equipment suitable for different types, thus improving the production of the company for our Life has brought more convenience. Nowadays, packaging machinery has gradually become a necessity in life, and the love of major companies and consumers has brought more excitement to our world. These are the effects brought about by the fierce competition of Chinese packaging machines.According to analysis, in the next ten years, the domestic packaging market will quickly enter a high-speed growth stage. With fierce market competition, now in addition to price competition, product quality and innovation capabilities meet the diverse needs of the consumer market. Will become the focus of competition. The decline in machinery profits caused by competition will cause the packaging machinery industry to continue to extend downwards. Therefore, it can be seen that China's packaging machinery will compete fiercely in the future.

What is the intelligent processing technology of packaging machine?

Packing machine The ultimate goal of the packaging machine is to replace or extend part of the human brain work in the processing process by a computer, so as to realize the automation of decision-making, monitoring and control in the processing of the packaging machine. The basic characteristics of packaging machine intelligent processing technology can be summarized as follows: 1. Based on the artificial knowledge system, part of the human decision-making is replaced, and the processing plan and preliminary processing parameters of the parts are automatically generated.2. It has the ability to monitor the processing process in real time according to the changes of external sensor signals3. It has the ability to optimize and adjust the processing parameters in real time according to the change of the shape of the workpiece, so that the processing system is always in working condition.4. According to the monitoring of the processing status, it can self-diagnose and repair machine failures.5. It can provide the operator with a human-machine integrated intelligent interactive interface.6. Have the ability to accumulate processing experience and continuously acquire processing knowledge and enrich the original knowledge system through the continuation of the processing process.     A few days ago, the real packaging machine intelligent processing system has not been established, but due to the lack of skilled machine operators in the world and the industry's higher and higher requirements for packaging machine processing technology. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the intelligent level of packaging machine processing, and the intelligentization of packaging machine processing is an inevitable trend in the development of modern processing technology.

What is the general procedure for packaging machine design?

Packing machine The quality and economic benefits of packaging machines depend on the comprehensive level of design, manufacturing and management, and packaging machine design is the key. Without high-quality design, it is impossible to have high-quality products; without an economic designer, it is absolutely impossible to design a product with a good price-performance ratio. According to statistics, about 50% of packaging machine quality accidents are caused by improper design; the cost of packaging machines is 60% to 70% depending on the design. Therefore, in the packaging machine design, special emphasis is placed on determining the functions of the system from a system perspective; focusing on the organic combination of electromechanical technology, paying attention to the adoption of new technologies, new processes and new materials; striving to improve the reliability of products Performance, economy and security. The following briefly describes the basic requirements that the packaging machine design should meet.①Good performance, realize the expected function, and meet the requirements of use. Easy to operate, simple to maintain, and convenient to repair.②Safety, packaging machine design should pay attention to product safety. So that the entire technical system and parts can work normally within the specified external load and specified working time without breaking, excessive deformation, excessive wear, and loss of stability; it can realize the protection of the operator and ensure the personal safety and body Healthy; it does not cause harm or pollution to the surrounding environment and people, and at the same time ensure the adaptability of the machine to the environment.③Reliable and durable, no or very few failures occur within the predetermined period of use. The period of overhaul or replacement of wearing parts should not be too short, so as to avoid frequent shutdowns that affect production. However, it is not appropriate to overemphasize durability.④Economical. In the entire product design cycle, packaging machine design, sales and manufacturing must be considered as a system engineering, value engineering theory should be used to guide product design, materials should be used correctly, and reasonable structural dimensions and processes should be adopted to reduce The cost of the product. When designing packaging machine systems and components, they should be standardized, universal, and serialized as much as possible to improve design quality and reduce manufacturing costs.⑤Comply with environmental protection requirements, the noise of the packaging machine does not exceed the standard; do not use prohibited raw materials such as asbestos; ensure that the packaging machine does not leak water, oil, dust and smoke during the use of the packaging machine; the waste water and exhaust gas in the production must be treated and discharged up to the standard. The process of packaging machine design is a complex process. Different types of products and different types of design have different packaging machine design processes. The development design process of the packaging machine roughly includes five stages: planning design, scheme design, technical design, construction design and transformation design.

What is the development trend of packaging machines in my country?

Packing Machine Now the British packaging machine industry has also been affected by this trend, and began to design and produce traditional style packaging machines. As an ancient civilization, my country still has a large market for traditional culture in modern times. Therefore, the development trend of packaging machines in my country is also thinking about the development of traditional packaging styles. Traditional packaging styles can not only reflect the cultural traditions of a country, but also give people a sense of maturity and stability. Among them, the paste labeling machine xi-005 is a mature and atmospheric packaging machinery and equipment.Now digital technology is making continuous progress, and digital printing technology is also making progress. Personalized printing or coding on the outside of the packaging has become an important means for many businesses to attract customers. Through different styles of personalized printing, we continue to expand our market share. The personalized packaging machine can not only increase the company's sales, but also enhance the company's factory status. Even in some countries that have been distributed, individual customized packaging has appeared, and companies continue to attract new consumers through these methods. my country's development in this area is still relatively slow, but the development trend of our country's packaging machines has a tendency to move closer to this opposite side. Like many coding machine products, personalized coding can already be achieved. For example, thermal coding machine, it is a personalized coding product. The current simple packaging design has also been recognized by the market. The simple design can not only save packaging materials, but also make the product look more atmospheric. Bring new visual enjoyment to consumers. For factory manufacturers, a simple packaging may bring consumers a fresh and refined feeling. Of course, this is also inseparable from the advancement of packaging machine technology. Previous companies may also have these ideas, but they are limited by the packaging machine technology, so that they can not be realized. Now with the advancement of packaging machine technology, many packaging styles that could not be achieved in the past can now be produced. Packaging machines have made considerable progress in this regard, such as puffed food packaging machines, this kind of creative packaging machines have begun to be put into use. With the continuous advancement of packaging machine technology, creative packaging styles began to appear constantly.The development trend of packaging machines is multifaceted, tradition and modernity go hand in hand, innovation and conservatism go hand in hand. With the continuous development of the economy, the development trend of packaging machines will become more and more diversified.

The development of packaging machine needs differentiation?

The development of packaging machines Therefore, the demand for packaging machines is also different. To stand out in the fierce market competition, packaging machine companies need differentiated development. With the development of my country's economy, it has driven the development of my country's packaging machine market, but the overall technical level of my country's packaging machine is low, so the development of my country's packaging machine needs differentiation.The differentiation of product structure can bring more customers and meet the different needs of different customers. At present, there are many packaging machine manufacturers in China and the competition is fierce. For our old packaging machine manufacturer, even a challenge is an opportunity. Under the fierce competition environment, the development of different levels of products is conducive to expanding the scope of their own market. The extent to which an enterprise satisfies the market comes from the degree of product differentiation of its own enterprise. Therefore, in the process of development, grasping the differentiation of product structure is the focus of development.Faced with the increasing demand in the global packaging machine market, my country's packaging machine companies need to go out and develop in the international market. The international market is huge, but at the same time, different regions have caused different cultural differences, making the demand for packaging machines different. Therefore, if my country wants to make a difference in the international market, the development of packaging machines in China needs to be differentiated.Related articles: 1. The demand for food packaging machines in Southeast Asia continues to expand2. The key technology of domestic packaging machine needs a breakthrough

Is the automatic packaging machine a packaging machine with development potential?

Automatic packaging machine The development of automatic packaging machines has become a trend. Although there are many automatic packaging machines on the market, most of them are not very technical. Only compared to the previous packaging machine, it can be called an automatic packaging machine, but its level of automation still needs to be continuously improved. The improvement of domestic packaging machinery automation level is under this background, continuous development and continuous improvement.my country is a major producer of commodities, so there is a great demand for packaging machines. Although our country has a large labor force, in recent years, the problem of labor shortages has continued to appear, coupled with the continuous increase in workers' wages, which has brought a lot of trouble to enterprises. The emergence of automatic packaging machines has solved this problem for enterprises. The automatic packaging machine does not require many people, and at the same time it can ensure the efficiency and quality of packaging.The fierce competition in the market has spread to all aspects. Consumers are increasingly demanding packaging. Those companies that stick to their original ideas will soon be eliminated. The automatic packaging machine can continuously change the packaging style, creating conditions for the company to innovate. At the same time, the automatic packaging machine also guarantees the quality of the packaging, and the automatic packaging machine has become a packaging machine with development potential.In today's continuous and large-scale production, the emergence of automatic packaging machines has promoted the development of this form. The emergence of automatic packaging machines is the inevitable result of social development. The automation of packaging machines in the future will be a development trend. In the future, the automation level of packaging machines will continue to improve, and new technologies will continue to be applied to existing packaging machines.Related articles: 1. Features of inflatable packaging machine2. Automatic tea vacuum packaging machine3. Packing machine

How to make a packing machine?

Packing machine The automatic operation in the automatic packaging machinery industry is changing the action mode of the packaging process and the processing method of packaging containers and materials. The packaging system that realizes automatic control can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate errors caused by packaging procedures and printing and labeling, effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees and reduce energy and resource consumption. Revolutionary automation is changing the manufacturing methods of the packaging machinery industry and the way in which products are transported. The automatic control packaging system designed and installed has a very obvious role in improving the product quality and production efficiency of the packaging machinery industry, or in eliminating processing errors and reducing labor intensity. Especially for food, hardware, medicine, electronics and other industries, it is very important. Automatic packaging machines are more widely used. The packaging process includes the main processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as related pre- and post-processes, such as cleaning, feeding, stacking, and disassembly. In addition, packaging also includes processes such as measuring or printing the date on the package. The use of packaging machinery to package products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene.

What is the function of the automatic pillow packaging machine?

Pillow packaging machine Introduction of automatic pillow packaging machine:1. Pillow packaging machine is currently a new type of automatic continuous shrinking packaging equipment in China, using quartz far-infrared tube heating, energy saving and high efficiency (over 15% of electricity);2. The shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide;3. The roller rotation device can work continuously.4. Therefore, the heat shrinking machine has the characteristics of advanced design, stable and reliable performance, power saving and high efficiency, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., which can be applied to shrink packaging of any shrink film. Compared with the previous shrinking machine, the performance is better, the packaging effect is better, and it is safe to use.The main purpose:The pillow packaging machine can be used for packaging block products such as biscuits, moon cakes, egg yolk pie, rice cakes, ice cream, instant noodles, chocolate, etc. It is especially suitable for packaging single products in small batches. Expanded reading of packaging machine-there are tricks to purchase packaging machine① First determine which products you want to pack in the packaging machine you will buy.Some packaging machinery manufacturers have a wide variety of products. When buying a packaging machine, they hope that one device can pack all their varieties. In fact, the packaging effect of special machines is often better than that of compatible machines. No more than 3-5 varieties can be packed by a packaging machine. In addition, products with a large difference in dimensions should be packaged separately as much as possible.②High cost performance is the principle.At this stage, the quality of domestically produced packaging machines has been greatly improved, especially for pillow packaging machines. The export proportion has been a lot of imports, so the quality of imported machines can be purchased at the price of domestic machines. Buy what is right, not what is expensive.③ Choose packaging machine companies with a long history as much as possible, and the quality is guaranteed.Choose models with mature technology and stable quality to make packaging faster and more stable, with low energy consumption, low manual work, and low waste rate. Packaging machines are talent-consuming machines. If you buy low-quality machines, the amount of packaging film that will be wasted over time in daily production in the future is not a small number.④ If there is an on-site inspection, pay attention to the big aspects, but also to the small details. The details often determine the quality of the whole machine. Bring a sample test machine as much as possible.⑤ In terms of after-sales service, "in the circle" must have a good reputation. The after-sales service is timely and available on call, which is especially important for food processing companies. For example, moon cake companies only have a short production period of two months each year. If there is a problem in the production of the packaging machine that cannot be solved immediately, the loss can be imagined.⑥The pillow packaging machine trusted by the industry can be given priority.⑦As far as possible, choose simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise.

What can packaging machine manufacturers produce?

Packing machine Automatic pillow packaging machine, suitable for packaging various solid products, such as daily necessities (soap, paper, toys, plastics), hardware accessories, mechanical parts (bearings), medicines (disposable masks, Chinese medicines) ), pillow packaging of food products (biscuits, chocolates, cakes, instant noodles, breads, burgers, pancakes, peppers, ice cream, frozen foods), rubber products (tires) and other products. The company provides many types of packaging machines, popular categories: pillow packaging machines, automatic packaging machines, refinement packaging machines, powder packaging machines, heat shrink packaging machines, automatic packaging machines for powder, liquid, sauce, granules, etc. , Has a complete filling production line and packaging production line. Our packaging machine equipment is affordable, complete after-sales service and related equipment solutions, if you need to purchase, welcome to inquire. Pillow packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capabilities, suitable for food and non-food packaging of different specifications. It can be used not only for packaging unbranded packaging materials, but also for high-speed packaging of webs with pre-printed trademark patterns. In the manufacture of packaging materials, due to errors, such as errors between the positioning color marks printed on the packaging materials, errors in the stretching and mechanical transmission of the packaging materials, the prescribed sealing and cutting positions of the packaging materials may deviate from the correct positions. This leads to errors.The packaging machine and metering configuration can automatically complete all the packaging processes of metering, feeding, filling, bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), and finished product delivery, and automatically complete counting. Using intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is accurate; to ensure that the sealing is beautiful and smooth.The automatic packaging machine can quickly change the packaged goods, which is especially suitable for the packaging of small quantities and many varieties. All stainless steel protection meets high-standard hygiene requirements. Free control of the bag device, arbitrary adjustment, convenient and quick operation, beautiful bag making. The whole machine complies with GMP standards. . The multifunctional pillow packaging machine adopts: man-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting. Double inverter control, the bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the empty running, one step is in place, saving time and film. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear at a glance. The packaging production line has fast processing speed and high efficiency. How to choose suitable packaging machine equipment? You can click on the bottom right corner to consult customer service or call for consultation: 13587520600Pillow packaging machine: The packaged items are horizontally conveyed by the conveying mechanism to the coil or film inlet (at this time, the coil or film has been cylindrical through the bag maker, and the packaged items will enter the cylindrical packaging material), After that, it runs synchronously, and goes through the processes of heat sealing, air extraction (vacuum packaging) or aeration (inflatable packaging), and cutting. For example: buns, chocolates, biscuits, instant noodles and other foods are packaged by pillow packaging machines. Compared with horizontal packaging and vertical packaging, pillow packaging is aimed at relatively stylish single items or integrated items such as blocks, strips, and balls. For example, Shuangwaiwai, dry batteries, and even packaged food (instant noodles), etc. These are all pillow-type collection packaging.