What is the composition and classification of packaging machines

What is the composition and classification of packaging machines

What is the composition and classification of packaging machines
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In order to facilitate the analysis and understanding of the working principle and structural characteristics of the packaging machine, we decompose the three major components of the packaging machine into eight aspects according to their work functions, and call them the eight elements of the packaging machine.

    (I) A quantitative feeding device for packaged items. This is a device for sorting, measuring, arranging and transporting the packaged items to a predetermined station.

    (2) Arrangement and feeding device of packaging materials. This is a device that quantitatively cuts or arranges packaging materials or packaging containers and transports them to a predetermined station. Some bag packaging machines also complete the bag making work during the supply process.

    (3) Main conveying device. This is a device that sequentially conveys packaged articles and packaging materials from one packaging station to the next packaging station. The single-station packaging machine can omit this device.

    (4) Packaging execution device. This refers to a device that directly performs packaging operations such as wrapping, filling, sealing, labeling, and binding.

 (5) Finished product output device. This is a device that unloads the packaged product from the packaging execution device and sends it away from the packaging machine.

    (6) Power machine and transmission device. The power machine is generally an electric motor. The transmission device includes a speed reducer, power and motion transmission and conversion mechanism, which can be selected in various forms such as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic, optical, etc., so that each part of the packaging machine can operate according to the specified actions.

    (7) Control device. Including packaging speed, pressure, temperature, action time indication and control devices, packaging quantitative and quality monitoring and control devices and various automatic protection devices of the machine.

    (8) Body. It is used to support and fix related parts to maintain their specified working positions, and to protect the machine to a certain extent. Its structure should be easy to operate and maintain, and its appearance should be as beautiful as possible.

 The following figure is a block diagram of the packaging machine composition, which shows the relationship between the eight elements of the packaging machine. The double-line arrow in the figure represents the packaging material and the main conveying system of the packaging material, the single solid line arrow represents the transmission relationship, and the dashed arrow represents Control relationship.
Second, the classification of packaging machines

 Packaging machines can be broadly divided into two categories: ① machines used to process packaging materials and packaging containers; ② machines used to complete the packaging process. The discussion here is limited to the latter, that is, the machine that completes the packaging process and is called the packaging machine. The definition of a packaging machine in the national standard "GB4122-83 Packaging General Terminology" is: "A machine that completes all or part of the packaging process. The packaging process includes the main packaging processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as the related front and back processes. , Such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. In addition, it also includes ancillary equipment such as stamping and metering." According to this, packaging machines can be divided into eight categories; ① wrapping machine, ② filling machine, ③ sealing machine, ④ labeling machine, ⑥ multi-function packaging machine, ⑥ cleaning, drying, sterilization machine, ⑦ container loading machine, ⑧ packaging auxiliary machinery and equipment.

    1. Wrapping machine

    A machine that wraps products with flexible packaging materials is called a wrapper. According to different wrapping methods, it can be divided into: ① folding wrapping machine, ② twist wrapping machine, ③ seam wrapping machine, ④ covering wrapping machine, ⑥ winding wrapping machine, ⑥ stretching wrapping machine, ⑦ skinny wrapping machine Wrapping machine, ⑧ shrinking wrapping machine, etc. Figure 1-7 shows the schematic diagram of the wrapping method of the wrapping machine.

    2. Filling machine

    The machine that quantitatively fills the packaging materials into the packaging container is called the filling grill. According to the quantitative and different filling methods, it can be divided into ① volumetric filling machine, ② weighing filling machine, ③ counting type filling machine, ④ filling machine, ⑤ gravity filling, ⑥ push-in filling machine, ⑦ pick-and-place filling machine Wait.

    3. Sealing machine

    The machine that closes the opening of the packaging container is called a sealing machine. According to the different sealing methods, it can be divided into: ①Hot pressure type sealing machine, ②Fusion welding type sealing machine, ③Embossing type sealing machine, ④Folding silkworm type sealing machine, ⑤Twisting type sealing machine, ⑥Rolling sealing type Crimping type sealing machine, ⑧ gland type sealing machine, ⑨ rotary type sealing machine, ⑩ ligation type sealing machine, tape type sealing machine, suture type sealing machine, etc.

    4. Labeling machine

    The machine that attaches or inserts labels on the product is called the labeling machine. According to the different ways of fixing the label, it can be divided into: ① labeling machine, ② shrink labeling machine, ③ hanging labeling machine, ④ staple labeling machine, ⑤ inserting labeling machine, etc. .

5. Multifunctional packaging machine

    A machine that can complete more than two packaging processes is called a multi-functional packaging machine. It is generally named after the packaging process that it can complete. Mainly include: ①Filling-sealing machine. ②Forming-filling-sealing machine (forming packaging materials), ③setting-filling-sealing machine (setting prefabricated packaging containers), ④vacuum packaging machine (filling-vacuum sealing), ⑤inflating packaging machine (filling-inflating) One mouth), ⑧wrap labeling machine, etc.

6. Cleaning, sterilization, and drying machine

    Machines that clean, sterilize, and dry the packaging container before packaging or after packaging are called washing machines, sterilization machines, and drying machines. For example, the bottle washer, male washing machine, and spray sterilization commonly used in the light industry Machines, Yanqi sterilizers, ultraviolet sterilizers, hot air dryers, infrared dryers, etc. belong to this category of machinery. If the machine has multiple functions, it can be combined with its functions, such as cleaning a dry operation machine, killing a sound Thousand operation machine, cleaning ~ sterilization and drying machine, etc.

  7. Container loading machine

    The machine in which a unit package is assembled and packaged is called a container. It can be named according to its container method, such as: ① strapping machine, ② binding machine, ⑧ compression packing machine, ④ cartoning machine, etc.

 8. Packaging auxiliary machinery and equipment

    Any mechanical equipment that cannot be included in the above 7 items, but it is also the mechanical equipment that must be used to complete the packaging process, can be referred to as packaging auxiliary mechanical equipment, such as conveying devices, stacking tables, meters, opening machines, and coating machines. Glue, printer, inspection machine, etc. The classification of packaging machines, in addition to the above-mentioned classification based on the packaging function of the machine, can sometimes be further classified according to the degree of automation or the scope of application. For example, manual supply of packaging materials or removal of packaging products, but can automatically complete other packaging operations The machine can be called a semi-automatic packaging machine; a machine that all automatically completes the feeding, packaging and output of finished products is called an automatic packaging machine. A packaging machine that can only pack products of a certain shape, specification, and size is called a special packaging machine: a packaging machine that can pack more than two different shapes, specifications, and sizes is called a multi-purpose packaging machine; it can pack any shape, within a certain range, Specifications and size products are called universal packaging machines.