How about the mechanization and automation of packaging?

How about the mechanization and automation of packaging?

How about the mechanization and automation of packaging?
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The modern production of product packaging does not even meet the mechanization of stand-alone operation and the packaging machine that can only adapt to a single packaging variety and specification. Mass continuous production requires packaging operations to become an automatic packaging production line that combines a series of automatic packaging machines, linkages, conveyors, automatic storage devices, and automatic detection devices. For example, products often change packaging varieties to meet market needs. In addition to the specifications, the packaging machine is also required to have the function of adapting to the packaging of new varieties and specifications with a slight adjustment. This is the so-called multi-purpose packaging machine.

     Automatic packaging machines should generally have the following functions: ①Automatic supply and automatic measurement of packaging materials; ②Automatic supply of packaging materials or packaging containers; ③Quantitative automatic filling or filling of packaging materials; ④Sealing, labeling and marking of packaging .
In addition to automatic packaging machines with certain specifications, models and quantities according to production needs, the automatic packaging production line also needs to be equipped with the following auxiliary devices: ① storage and conveying devices for packaging materials; ② storage, processing, cleaning and conveying of packaging materials or packaging containers Device: ③Automatic side inspection of packaged products and automatic rejection device of unqualified products; ④Container and storage device of packaged products.

 In recent years, the popular domestic and foreign beverage carton flexible packaging. Figure 1 shows the "Tetra Pak" brick-type composite film carton beverage aseptic packaging machine imported from Sweden. This machine integrates box making, printing, sterilization and sterilization. , Filling, sealing, folding forming and other functions, the degree of automation is quite high, the packaging capacity of each box is 25omL, and the productivity is 450. Boxes/hour can be used for packaging fresh milk, juice, and other non-gas beverages. Because of its The sterilization conditions are good, so the product storage period is up to half a year and does not need to be refrigerated. The process principle diagram of this carton beverage aseptic packaging machine.

    The use of modern packaging machinery and packaging production lines composed of them will play an important role in the production, sales and economic benefits of the enterprise: ①Reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working conditions, thereby increasing output, increasing labor productivity and economic benefits of the enterprise ②Improve the quality of product packaging, reduce all kinds of pollution, can change the variety of packaging designs in time, increase the market competitiveness of products, and be more conducive to exporting foreign exchange. ⑧Reduce the loss of packaging materials and the loss of packaging materials to reduce costs.

    Of course, with the use of mechanized packaging, equipment investment costs and energy costs have increased, and the quality requirements of packaging materials have also been higher, but its production capacity will be several times or even dozens of times higher than that of manual packaging, and its packaging quality is even more non-manual. Packaging can be compared. It is not difficult to understand that the increase in the cost of a one-time investment by a company will inevitably be compensated for in the future long-term economic benefit of production.