What are the basic conditions for enterprises to introduce packaging machines?

What are the basic conditions for enterprises to introduce packaging machines?

What are the basic conditions for enterprises to introduce packaging machines?
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When adding an air conditioning device to make the indoor temperature meet the requirements, it is of course necessary to pay attention to the performance and form of the equipment itself; however, this alone cannot guarantee its full effect. It must be based on the room size, heat insulation effect, and ventilation. , Outdoor temperature conditions, temperature control, and the treatment of condensed water from the assembly line pipelines, etc. This set of system design. The packaging machine has more complicated factors than the air conditioner, and it is a machine used under more complicated conditions. Now let's talk about the basic conditions for enterprises to introduce packaging machines according to the basic requirements of system design.


 1. The basic conditions for the introduction of packaging machinery

When a company introduces a packaging machine, the first thing to consider is to correctly determine the purpose of use and understand the object of its operation. No matter what you do, there is a certain purpose. The direct goals pursued by setting up a production system are varied. For example, it can be to increase output, reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce the scrap rate, and improve the accuracy of the product, or it can be to maintain the same speed of the production process before and after, to ensure safe operation, and so on. Of course, if a production system can meet the above requirements at the same time, it is ideal. However, some requirements are often not compatible in a production line. For example, the main purpose of introducing a certain production system is to increase output and product quality, and packaging machinery that can adapt to the above purposes should be selected. If we do not proceed from the actual situation of our unit and introduce equipment aimlessly, we will not be able to give full play to the role of the production system.

Second, the main purpose of the company's introduction of packaging machines


After determining the main purpose of the company's introduction of packaging machines, another question that cannot be ignored is to understand the objects of its operations. The objects mentioned here include: the materials used in the production system, production methods, characteristics and other conditions. This includes not only the packaged articles and packaging materials as packaging objects, but not only their own physical factors; but also their movement within the factory and in the circulation process, such as packaging methods, operating methods and conditions, and Changes due to changes in time, etc. Recently, people have realized more clearly that the physical properties of the packaged goods and packaging materials and the accuracy of their specifications have a great impact on the operation of the machine, which is the so-called problem of the adaptability of the machine. Adaptability is something that is in motion, but what it shows is a measure of static. People often have certain shortcomings in mastering the relationship between the two. Therefore, it is very necessary for packaging machinery manufacturers, users and packaging material manufacturers to cooperate with each other to conduct research together to understand the characteristics of products in the production and circulation process, and to understand the operating objects of the production system.


3. Determine the performance and structure of the imported packaging machine

After correctly determining the purpose of the company's introduction of the packaging machine and fully understanding its operating objects, the necessary functions of the production system and the corresponding structure can be specified. Designing a new device should follow the above sequence as expected. However, machine manufacturers often produce standard prototypes for users to choose due to time and cost. Although machine builders try their best to produce prototypes with a wide range of applications, for users, how to choose a machine that suits their needs is a key issue.


Fourth, the adaptability of the packaging machine

In some countries, on the one hand, high-speed packaging machines are required. On the other hand, due to the large number of medium-scale production plants, they require more machines to produce one machine with multiple functions. Furthermore, because the expected life of packaging machinery is longer than the depreciation period of the equipment Shorter, so users also want a machine with multi-purpose performance. Related to this is that machine manufacturers supply users with similar machines, but users use such machines as specialized machines. Under this circumstance, the machine manufacturer tries to supply common basic components to meet the needs of users within the specified allowable range. Single-purpose machinery has high efficiency, simple structure and fast speed. The machine manufacturer should try to provide users with more single-purpose machinery. Users can form a production line according to the performance of various stand-alone machines. Automated machinery production refers to a complete set of automated production lines composed of raw material supply, processing, discharge, handling, transmission, control, etc., and packaging automated machinery production should be no exception.

Five, cost

When considering the cost of mechanized production, a comparison must be made between profit and investment. In the total cost, the vast majority is the cost of machinery and equipment, but also includes labor costs such as employee wages, production costs, machine maintenance costs, depreciation costs and other expenses. The actual cost of the entire production system should be comprehensively studied, and should not be limited to a certain aspect. From the perspective of machine builders, they should provide users with cheap machines with good mechanical properties. Let me talk about one or two issues related to the cost of machinery. The following situations should be considered: First, if ten machines are manufactured at the same time under the same conditions, the cost of each machine is usually 40% to 1/3 of that of the single machine. . Secondly, some processes with short work cycles and many repetitions, such as manual operation, will reduce the cost of machinery. In this case, appropriate manual operations should be added to the production system to save costs.


6. Reliability

    Now, the era of semi-mechanization has passed, and most of them have adopted fully automatic mechanical operations. The reliability of machinery has become an important issue in the production system. It should be considered: high-speed mechanized production, if a one-percent error occurs, or if the machine is shut down for one minute for some reason, how much loss will be caused; How much impact will the process have; and the impact of the failure of high-precision control devices on the product, and so on. Considering these issues, the importance of mechanical reliability is very obvious.

    In order to strengthen the reliability of the machine, the packaging machinery manufacturer adopts additional inspection devices, emergency shutdown and waste removal devices on the machine, and its effect is obvious. However, what is fundamental is the precision of the machine itself. When designing and manufacturing machinery, machinery manufacturers should study and manufacture machinery that does not violate mechanical principles based on mechanical principles. Another aspect of maintaining mechanical reliability is to adhere to pre-specified operating procedures during use. It is hoped that users can master the correct usage method and carry out maintenance in a timely manner.