What is the packaging machine standard?

What is the packaging machine standard?

What is the packaging machine standard?
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The packaging standard machine is to achieve the effect of product packaging. Based on the science and technology and practical experience of the packaging machine, as well as the form and performance of the product, after full consultation and approval procedures of the relevant departments, the selection of the packaging machine’s material, structure, size, technology, and Packaging technology methods, etc., and issued uniform regulations.

 The definition of the packaging machine standard, which summarizes the basic starting point, objective basis, object and role of the difficulty in formulating packaging machine standards, the essential characteristics of the packaging machine, and the issuing procedure. Once the packaging machine standard is officially issued, it is authoritative and legal, and becomes a kind of regulation.

 The difficulty of packaging machine standards refers to the whole process of formulating, implementing and modifying packaging machine standards as the main content. This process is not static, but an activity process, a process of continuous development and change, that is, a process of continuous circulation and spiraling movement. This is because with the development of production and the progress of science and technology, every time a cycle is completed, the difficulty of the packaging machine will inevitably increase by one step.

 Standardization of the packaging machine means that the packaging machine achieves finalization, standardization and serialization. For the packaging of similar or similar products, the requirements of packaging machine standardization can be summarized as "seven unifications: unified packaging machine material, unified modeling structure, unified specification and size, unified packaging technology, unified packaging method, unified packaging method, and unified bundling. Methods, etc. These requirements are also an important part of the standardization of packaging machines.

The development of packaging machine standards is the main purpose of packaging machine standards. The implementation of packaging machine standards is the key to the process of packaging machine standards. Revising the packaging machine standards is to further improve the packaging machine standards.
Packaging labeling machine and packaging machine standardization are two different concepts closely related. Their relationship is:

First-', the packaging machine standard is a direct result of the difficult activities of the packaging machine standard. The purpose and function of packaging machine standardization must be reflected through the formulation of specific packaging machine standards. The formulation and revision of packaging machine standards is the basic task of packaging machine standardization.

Second, the effect of difficult packaging machine standards should be reflected through the implementation of packaging machine standards. If the established packaging machine standards are not implemented in the production, circulation and consumption process, the packaging machine standards have no meaning. Therefore, the implementation of packaging machine standards is a key link.

Third, the packaging machine standard is stable in a period of time, while the packaging machine standardization is only a relative concept. There is no end to the standardization of packaging machines. With the modernization of production and circulation, packaging machines will continue to be updated and changed, and new packaging machine standards need to be revised or re-established. As long as the packaging machine standard, the purpose of packaging machine standardization has not been fully realized, this standard must be implemented.