Do you know the history of the world's packaging industry?

Do you know the history of the world's packaging industry?

Do you know the history of the world's packaging industry?
Packing machine
With a product, there is a packaging, and there is a package. In different historical periods and social environments, people's understanding of packaging, the status and role of packaging in people's lives and commodity economies is different. It has been roughly experiencing three development phases until the packaging is now. In the development of packaging, the packaging machine has played a lot.

 (1) Original packaging

It mainly refers to the original society, for the development of productivity, has raised the surplus of agriculture, animal husbandry, and soil. The remaining living materials need to be distributed, stored, and transported, and it began to use the packaging materials provided by nature, such as leaves, lotus leaves, bamboo skin, Fujika, animali, shell, etc., basket, sac, bamboo slip, etc. , Storage, and transport containers. In addition, the discovery and use of I-fire, MF has been muddy bowl and clay pot, and the like.

 (2) Traditional packaging

It mainly refers to the feudal society, that is, all kinds of packaging in the end of the original society to the initial period of capitalism. This stage has begun to have a bronze, iron, paper industry, printing industry, ceramic, glass and other packaging materials such as iron, ceramics, glass bottles, bags, bamboo baskets, etc. have great development. Many packaging have been used in today.
(3) Modern packaging

After the 16th century and the 18th century, the asset-based industry revolution was started. With the development of industrial and science and technology, the packaging continues to develop forward.

  Before and after the Second World War, the military industry promoted the development of the packaging industry, and four basic packaging materials such as mechanism paper, polyethylene, aluminum foil, and glass paper. The package is developed by the original protected goods, developing into publicity and beautifying goods and promotion. By the 1950s, due to the third technology revolution, modern packaging has a new development. Especially the development of plastics and their composites.
The application of various packaging new technologies, widely use electronic technology, laser technology, precision instruments, packaging machinery, to make the package of all loops to automation, electronic, and form a complete packaging industrial system for production, circulation and consumption. . The packaging output value of each capitalist country accounts for 2% of the total national economic output, and the packaging industry is in the United States, and Japan has become an important industry.