What is the general procedure for packaging machine design?

What is the general procedure for packaging machine design?

What is the general procedure for packaging machine design?
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The quality and economic benefits of packaging machines depend on the comprehensive level of design, manufacturing and management, and packaging machine design is the key. Without high-quality design, it is impossible to have high-quality products; without an economic designer, it is absolutely impossible to design a product with a good price-performance ratio. According to statistics, about 50% of packaging machine quality accidents are caused by improper design; the cost of packaging machines is 60% to 70% depending on the design. Therefore, in the packaging machine design, special emphasis is placed on determining the functions of the system from a system perspective; focusing on the organic combination of electromechanical technology, paying attention to the adoption of new technologies, new processes and new materials; striving to improve the reliability of products Performance, economy and security. The following briefly describes the basic requirements that the packaging machine design should meet.

①Good performance, realize the expected function, and meet the requirements of use. Easy to operate, simple to maintain, and convenient to repair.

②Safety, packaging machine design should pay attention to product safety. So that the entire technical system and parts can work normally within the specified external load and specified working time without breaking, excessive deformation, excessive wear, and loss of stability; it can realize the protection of the operator and ensure the personal safety and body Healthy; it does not cause harm or pollution to the surrounding environment and people, and at the same time ensure the adaptability of the machine to the environment.

③Reliable and durable, no or very few failures occur within the predetermined period of use. The period of overhaul or replacement of wearing parts should not be too short, so as to avoid frequent shutdowns that affect production. However, it is not appropriate to overemphasize durability.

④Economical. In the entire product design cycle, packaging machine design, sales and manufacturing must be considered as a system engineering, value engineering theory should be used to guide product design, materials should be used correctly, and reasonable structural dimensions and processes should be adopted to reduce The cost of the product. When designing packaging machine systems and components, they should be standardized, universal, and serialized as much as possible to improve design quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

⑤Comply with environmental protection requirements, the noise of the packaging machine does not exceed the standard; do not use prohibited raw materials such as asbestos; ensure that the packaging machine does not leak water, oil, dust and smoke during the use of the packaging machine; the waste water and exhaust gas in the production must be treated and discharged up to the standard. The process of packaging machine design is a complex process. Different types of products and different types of design have different packaging machine design processes. The development design process of the packaging machine roughly includes five stages: planning design, scheme design, technical design, construction design and transformation design.